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I love creating logos. It is absoulutely one of my favorite things to do. The challenge of creating a single graphic that embodies a company's purpose has been my favorite creative activity since I started in 1985. I have created dozens of logos for companies, and recreated several others (both evolutionary and revolutionary redeisgns). Sometimes it is just a word. Sometimes it is an image. But they all are able to convey something about the company in just a single glance.

Logo Design

If a picture is worth 1,000 words... then a good logo is priceless! Your logo is more than just a representation of your business in corporate circles – it is an embodiment of your vision and goals and the face of your brand. Your logo will appear on your business cards, stationary, website, blog, Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, products and packaging, etc.

"Early branding of a small or emerging company is key to business success. It is the quickest way for your company to express what it is and what it can offer."
~ New York Times

Research has shown that a strong, simple and credible logo determines a customer's selection of one company over another. The foundation of your brand is your logo - it shares a message, and your customers connect to it. Using your logo on everything from the company's website to printed marketing materials will raise customer awareness and maximize your earning potential.


A brand is the story behind what you do, and the reasons why you do it. It's the big idea you're trying to accomplish when you get to work every single day. Whether you need to build a new brand, refresh an existing brand, or transition out of outdate branding, Dain Designs is here to help.

The average American sees over 16,000 logos a day according to Dr. Dharma Singh. How will yours stand out from the rest? Your logo should be integrated into your website, corporate identity, packaging and promotional materials, and clearly communicate your brand. What you communicate visually and verbally are part of your brand strategy. Consistent, strategic branding leads to a solid reputation and brand equity, which adds value to your business and services.

Why build a brand?

Customers want to connect with companies. To do that, they need to recognize a personality in everything that you do and the way you present your products and services. A brand helps you stay consistent, send the right message, and continually build customer interest.

Dain Designs can design your new logo, your business cards, product packaging, and more. No matter what you need, we can make it and put your company in the best light. We will work with your marketing team to develop the best visual representation of your company and your products, ensuring that every time a customer encounters you they have a memorable experience.

Whether we are designing your logo from scratch or updating an existing design, it takes a special talent to represent the vision, hopes, and dreams of a business in something as deceptively simple as a logo. I have worked closely with companies of all types, industries, and sizes to find the right design to accentuate and enhance their message and brand identity. Contact me to see what Dain Designs can do to help your company.

Recent Logos

Client: My Guerilla
Identity: Guerilla marketing paired with a digital presence
Branding: Website, business cards, brochures, marketing material

Client: La Chic Shack
Identity: Vintage and heirloom style furniture boutique
Branding: Store signage, business cards, brochures, marketing material

Client: Hangar 51
Identity: Office Complex
Branding: Office signage, business cards, brochures,
marketing material

Client: HaulSport Trailers
Identity: Enclosed sport trailers
Branding: Website, business cards, brochures, marketing material

Client: Orgro Business Park
Identity: A business park aimed specifically at the growing cannibus industry
Branding: Business cards, brochures, marketing material, retail signage

Client: OSA
Identity: Live auctions for the outdoor supply equipment industry
Branding: Website, business cards, brochures, convention booth signage, marketing material

All logos, product names, and trademarks are the property of their respective owners, which are in no way associated or affiliated with Dain Designs. Logos are used solely for the purpose of identifying the specific companies that I done creative work for in the past. Use of these names, logos, or trademarks does not imply any co-operation or endorsement.

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